About Us

Contessa Cleaning was started by Sarah Fahey in 2005.

“Before starting Contessa Cleaning in Reading I worked in catering management for 15 years. Hygienists used to take swabs of kitchen items to test in laboratories so cleanliness was paramount.

I took a keen interest in the process and found out about the different kinds of bacteria, where they grow and how to treat them.

After having children I decided to start a cleaning company. I started with one domestic clean but the client was so happy he told all of his friends. Within two weeks I had to take somebody on.

This business, through word of mouth, has really grown and I have many happy clients.  So successful, my customers requested that I  expanded the business into the commercial arena and I now have many commercial contracts in finance, architecture, childcare, engineering and restaurants to name a few.

The majority of what I earn is invested back into the business ensuring we have up-to-date steamers, carpet cleaning, buffers, and polishing equipment, every gadget available to ensure we are the best cleaning company in Reading.

My mum always said it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re the best at it. “That’s Contessa Cleaning’s philosophy.”