10 nifty (and pretty cool) cleaning ideas!

Small cleaning annoyances such as broken glass and nasty fridge odours can be a real pain, but our nifty tricks will sort them in no time! From eliminating dust to scrubbing dirty grout, we’ve got 10 pretty cool cleaning ideas you’ll be dying to tell your friends about! 1. White bread as a magnet for […]

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kitchen cleaning blogs

3 inspirational cleaning blogs you should be reading…

When searching online for cleaning and organising tips, I come across so many great blogs with loads of helpful advice on how to keep on top of everyday cleaning. Reading cleaning blogs is a great way to get motivated, and share your cleaning journey with other like minded people looking for inspiration. I’ve narrowed down […]

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cleaning service

How to get the most out of your cleaning service

In an ideal world, hiring a cleaner would mean living in a sparkling show home, clutter free, child free and perfect every day. In reality however, just moments after the cleaner leaves, the kids have already caused havoc, the dog has trodden mud everywhere and your partner still can’t see why it’s necessary to clean […]

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orange vinegar cleaner

How to make Orange Vinegar Cleaner

Vinegar can clean almost anything (check out our other blog for some vinegar cleaning tips) but the smell can sometimes be off-putting. By making your own Orange Vinegar Cleaner you can still enjoy the great benefits of vinegar – all whilst enjoying a citrusy aroma too! What you’ll need Firstly and (unsurprisingly) you’ll need some […]

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Cleaning Tips: Cleaning with children

Cleaning around the home doesn’t have to be boring, and getting the kids involved makes it more fun for everyone. Not only this, but teaching children how to tidy up after themselves from an early age helps make it a habit and helps them become more independent – hopefully resulting in less cleaning for you […]

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10 Easy and Cheap Storage Ideas

Unorganised clutter not only makes your home appear messy and uninviting, but also causes belongings to get in your way or become difficult to find. We have found 10 cheap and easy storage ideas to help keep belongings tidy and organised in your home. 1. CD Racks are a great way to store items in […]

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cleaning your oven cleaning

Cleaning Tips: Cleaning your oven

Having a clean kitchen is essential, and that includes the oven too. Keeping your oven clean is not only hygienic, but also prevents the build up of carbon, which can cause fires and taint the taste of your food. Yuck! If your oven needs cleaning, follow these simple steps: 1. Remove any oven racks or […]

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Cleaning Tips: Cleaning your carpet

Caring for your carpet doesn’t have to be difficult. Although it is a good idea to have a professional clean every now and then, there are lots of simple maintenance tips you can follow yourself at home to keep your carpet smelling fresh and looking new. Professional Cleaning Many home owners are put off by […]

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Simple and effective ways to organise your kitchen

Having an organised kitchen can be manageable and inexpensive if you know how. Organising your kitchen can seem like a daunting task at first, but once tidy and ordered it is so simple to maintain and you will love how much easier it is to find everything! De-clutter Before you even attempt to sort out […]

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