3 inspirational cleaning blogs you should be reading…

When searching online for cleaning and organising tips, I come across so many great blogs with loads of helpful advice on how to keep on top of everyday cleaning. Reading cleaning blogs is a great way to get motivated, and share your cleaning journey with other like minded people looking for inspiration. I’ve narrowed down five of my favourites to share with you… trust me after reading a few of these you’ll be doing all the cleaning you can to make your home as organised and as beautiful as theirs!

Clean Mama

This is definitely my favourite cleaning blog at the moment. Clean Mama posts loads of great tips and really frequently too (every time I check there’s always something new to read), and the pictures of her beautifully organised home make me incredibly jealous. Better still, this site offers loads of free printable planners, checklists and organisers (that are also very pretty!) and I love the idea of sticking these up around the house. If girly organisation and cute little graphics are your thing… this is the blog for you!

The Organised Housewife

Written by Katrina, an Australian housewife, this blog has a really family-orientated and personal feel. There’s loads of de-cluttering tips and motivating challenges, and I can’t resist some of gorgeous recipes posted here! The current cleaning challenge is ’52 things in 52 weeks’ a great motivational challenge helping you to declutter. My favourite feature of this blog is being able to filter posts by room – it really makes searching for tips a whole lot easier.

iheart Organizing

This blog has so many pretty home decor tips… you’ll wish your home was as organised and beautiful as Jens is. There’s so many ideas on keeping everything labelled and in order, all included in an easy navigable photo gallery. There’s even a gallery including photos of Jens own home – I love all the personal touches of this blog and her lovely home shows you it can all be worth it with a little planning and effort. There’s also a few competitions and giveaways featured here – so keep your eyes peeled!

If you are looking for some more inspiration, the web is filled with loads of cleaning blogs that can help you find the motivation to clean! I find a great way to find bloggers is to follow boards on Pinterest. Pinterest has loads of fresh content everyday, and saturated with images of beautifully organised homes, I promise you’ll never look back!

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