How to create a cleaning schedule that works for you – and stick to it!

Love it or loathe it, we all have to clean, and everyone has some kind of cleaning routine, even if it’s not planned or written down. This isn’t about a one-off clean, because your having friends round or your selling your home; we are going to cover long term tidiness!Creating a cleaning schedule can help keep your home clean and organised all the time, and you’ll probably find by having a set routine you actually get more time to yourself as you can get stuck in straight away. Sticking to a cleaning schedule can be difficult if you don’t get it right however, so follow our easy steps for cleaning routine success!

What type of cleaner are you?

Before you start planning the details of your cleaning schedule, have a think about how you currently clean your home. This will help you organise your routine into daily, weekly, or monthly time slots, and from here you can start allocating tasks to each section.

Everyone likes to clean differently, so work out if you are ‘a little a day’ cleaner, or the kind of person that prefers to clean everything all in one go. Maybe you like to clean one room a day/week with some added simple daily tasks – however you clean make sure your schedule suits you. This way you have a much better chance of sticking to it, don’t be too optimistic; if you aren’t the type of person who vacuums daily, you aren’t going to change that because your schedule says so…

Create a task list

Once you have decided what type of cleaning routine will suit you best, draw up a list of every single task that needs doing in each room around the home. This, indeed, is a huge task in itself, but once you’re finished you’ll find that allocating these tasks into time slots is a much quicker and easier way to clean your home. Try small daily tasks such as wiping down kitchen surfaces and larger tasks such as de-cluttering weekly or monthly, you’ll be surprised how much easier cleaning becomes when you get into a routine! This blog from Aroma Cleaning provides good motivation to create a plan.

Fill in your schedule!

Once you have decided what tasks need doing and when, it’s time to fill out your schedule! You can do this in any way you chose, but I find that creating a pretty monthly schedule looks great in the kitchen, and by placing it somewhere you will see it you are more likely to feel guilty if you don’t follow through with your plans!

There are loads of great free schedule templates available online, from task checklists to full monthly planners, so utilise these and creat a routine you are proud of. I love these colourful cleaning printables from Clean Mama, and there are loads of different designs on Pinterest you could print too. Of course, if you are feeling creative you could always create your own design!

By creating and displaying a cleaning schedule you can ensure your home stays clean and organised, just the way you like it. Remember, everyone is different, and it may take a few attempts to get it right and stick to it… but once you do you can relax, admire all of your hard work and enjoy more time to yourself while you’re at it! What could be better?

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