Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have insurance?
  • We have liability insurance cover up to ten million pounds. We are happy to give you the details on request.

  • Are you qualified to clean our offices?
  • All of our staff are fully vetted. As well as being legally allowed to work in the UK staff are sent on cleaning courses. When you hire Contessa Cleaning in Reading you’re hiring the best.
    Our qualifications include:

    • Commercial cleaning, level 2 QCF
    • Carpet and upholstery cleaning, level 2 QCF
    • Customer services, level 2 QCF
    • Deep cleaning, level 2 QCF
    • Management, level 3 QCF

  • Which products do you use?
  • We use the best, bio-friendly cleaning supplies on the market. An office is the most germ prone environment you’re likely to be in and full of staff susceptible to allergies and ailments.
    Your office health is paramount to us. We understand that ailments such as eczema, asthma and hay fever can be irritated by cleaning products so we take every possible precaution. Contessa Cleaning fully researches and tests everything before use to ensure your office is clean, fresh and safe. We use:

    •Jangro Professional Cleaning Products: Oven cleaning, floor cleaning, and washroom de-scaler, furniture polish and glass cleaning
    •Unger Multi-Fibre Cloths
    •Fresh Clean: Doors skirtings and kitchens
    •Chemspec: Carpet cleaning
    •Ashby’s Sensei: Carpet cleaning machine and booster pack
    •Karcher Steam Cleaners

    Why should we use Contessa Cleaning?

    It sounds like a small point but after extensive research we’ve discovered that the most irritating bone of contention for clients is cleaners not listening to requirements. How irritating to request that your desks be wiped and arrive to work in the morning with them still dirty. We fulfill your specifications to the letter and always go that little bit extra. We need our cleaning to be irreproachable, we care about what you think and we care about your office. Our team is fully trained, reliable and trustworthy and has extensive cleaning qualifications.
    Contessa Cleaning in Reading ensures your office sparkles like never before